to my page about trading cards and calendars of Police (CopCards), Law Enforcement, Firefighters and Rescuers. I started collecting in 2002, but after some time. I haven't got time for it. But now I'm starting again with my collection. I'll be glad for any new cards into my collection and I also exchange it for duplicate cards from my collection.


I now have a total of 1.039 cards in my collection (03/2019)

Police cards: 335

Firefighter and rescuers cards: 704


My other hobby is amateur radio, my call is OK2XY

and I create an International Encyclopedia of Uniforms and Rank Insignia uniformed forces and organizations from around the world, which is located in


Why have hundreds of departments used Police and Firefighter Cards for nearly two decades? The short answer is that kids love trading cards and can identify with them. So, what is the benefit? Why Police Officers? Why Firefighters?


Collecting cards bridges the gap between children and the Police Officers and Firefighters that serve their community.  Cards are a great icebreaker to open the line of communication and a familiar way for kids to get to know their local Police Officers and Firefighters.

(Choice Custom Cards)